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I'm Shubhanshu Arya

A Web Professional with over 4 years of experience, based in Kanpur, India, spealizing in SEO(Search Engine Optimization), Digital Marketing, Web Design, WordPress development and dynamic website development with HTML5, CSS3, PHP, MySql, Javascript.
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Let Me Introduce Myself

I Spend my days with my hands in many different areas of web development from back end programming to front end engineering, user experience and creative designs. I'm extremely passionate about web development, Software Development and design in all it's forms and helping small business and artisans build and improve their online presence.


After spending a lot of time in this field , sucessfully i got command on some particular languages and work. Through these languages we can make a complete developed site , a complete developed software and many more...

Arduino Programming
UI/UX Designing
Branding & Identity
Bootstrap/Responsive Design
Building & Automation Tools/Web Performance
Analytical Skills

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Let Me Introduce Journey

  • Shubhanshu_about_1

    March 2015

    My Humble Beginnings

    Life Changing starts from this year.When I passed out my examination then , my parents gitfts me a computer just for my good performance.on spending more time with computers , i get much interest on it . Finally i choose my carrier in IT sector.

  • Shubhanshu_about_2

    April 2016

    A Web Developer is Born

    After one year(approx.) , finally i just come to know or make web-development projects . But without any instructor , i just faced a lot of problems at every point.

  • Shubhanshu_about_3

    May 2017

    Familiar With JAVA

    In this year , I got familiar with java , which is used for software developing. My mentor Mragank Kumar , who teach me excellent java by which i able to make a lot program and logic so easy. My mentor makes programming easy to me.

  • Shubhanshu_about_4

    May 2018

    Next step towards Software Developing

    This year has been started with my examination. When my examinations were going , on that time i missed my development work. But on the other side my examination were also very important. I didn't want that my development work become a reason of my less marks.

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Offering to my clients

If your small or medium sized business needs a website, I can help. If you are in need of more than just web design, I have solutions for you. My services range from custom WordPress design service to logo and Search Engine Optimization and beyond.


Responsive Website Design

I design stunning looking responsive website designs with mobile first approach, which has easy User Interface and that gives great user experience. We make your website design unique with interactive features using jQuery media elements.

Website Development

I can make database interaction applications using PHP, MySql, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and AngularJS that suits all your requirement. I analyze your business logic and translates into a usable web application. I can embed your custom bespoke design into your application implementing template engines like Smarty.


Search Engine Optimization

We provide SEO services, Initial Analysis, Code Optimization, Social Media, local search and on page optimization. I can optimize your site to drive organic traffic to your website. I can improve your searching ranking and searching engine visibility.


We render ideas to perfection and make visible what is yet to come. I am here to create meaningful and lasting relationships with my clients. So, Let's build something amazing together.


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Web Designing

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Bipin Greens

Website Developing

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